Collection: Raku 3D Ceramics

‘Raku’ is an exciting process of firing clay objects, that originated in Japan.

A kiln is used where the glazed pieces are rapidly heated to about 1000°C. Whilst the pieces are glowing 'red hot' they are carefully removed one by one and placed onto a bed of combustible materials including dried grass cuttings, paper, leaves and wood shavings. The pieces are engulfed by flames and then quickly covered by a large metal tin — to reduce the supply of oxygen. Heat and smoke react with the glazes to create the unique smoky black crackle effect characteristic of Raku.

This work is influenced by the colours and textures found within the harbours, boatyards and coastline of the British coastline.

Due to the nature of this style of art, all pieces are original and therefore the colours and finishes may not be exact to the images shown.

Please note that these are examples of work, colour and style may vary.