Julia Hulme

Julia Hulme sculpts three different sizes of ceramic hares, in many different colours and poses, making this range ideal for collectors and lovers of hares.

Due to the fragile nature of these bespoke pieces, we are only able to offer these as a Click & Collect service.

As each piece is entirely bespoke and signed by the artist photography is for guidance only.

Please ring us at the gallery 01263 825590 and we can email, or better still FaceTime you to show you the current collection.

  • Upright Tan & White Hare

    This adorable hare is standing upright on its haunches, just looking for a new home. Bespoke ceramic sculpture.

    Small Hare £139

  • Moon Gazing Tan & White Hare

    Julia captures the different characters of the hares perfectly, using a glass slip for their eyes, they are utterly gorgeous.

    Small Hare £139

  • Sitting Mountain White hare

    This beautiful boy is perched ready for action. Hand painted in white and soft grey, and artist signed on the underside.

    Medium Hare £300

  • Reclining Mountain White Hares

    These two beauties are more interested in basking in the sun than boxing.

    Medium Hare £300

    Small Hare £139

  • Upright Grey & White Hare

    With his nose in the air, this gorgeous handmade hare is on the lookout for a new home. Hare today, gone tomorrow?

    Small Hare £139

  • Blakeney Seal and Pup

    Blakeney Point is home to England’s largest grey seal colony with over 4,000 pups born each winter. We have a few looking for less crowded homes!

    Seal £300 Seal Pup £130

  • Large Moon Gazing and Upright Hares

    This naughty pair have hopped into our yard, here at Red Lobster Gallery. They are clearly looking to make a new nest!

    Large Hares £550 each

  • Nut Brown Scratching Ear Hare

    This cute little nut brown hare is looking for a mate.

    Small Hare £139

  • Hare Party!

    The collective noun for a group of hares is a 'Down' and this lot are down at Red Lobster Gallery!

    Medium Hare £300

    Small Hares £139 each