Collection: John Patchett

John Patchett is a well-known East Anglian professional artist, who is a member of the East Anglian Institute of Artists and whose pastel paintings are much sought after, both in England and abroad. Born in Deal, Kent in 1946.

After attending Grimsby School of Art, Kingston-upon-Thames College of Art and Brighton College of Art, John settled in Australia where he lived for 19 years. In 1994, he returned to this country, settling in East Anglia where he has easy access to some of his favourite locations.

Besides holding over 40 successful solo shows in Australia and England, John’s pastel paintings have been exhibited in Japan, New Zealand and with the ‘Pastel Society’, ‘The Royal Society of Marine Artists’ and the ‘Laing Exhibition’ at the Mall Galleries, London, where he was awarded the ‘1997 Guest’s Choice’ prize.

His pastel paintings cover a wide range of subject matter, including East Anglian and French landscapes, cityscapes, Broadland scenes, gardens, sun lit markets, street cafes, marine and coastal locations.

Recent recognition by the International Pastel Artist Magazine, America, of John Patchett as a ‘Master Pastelist’ reiterates the impact of his artwork on a global scale.

Artist Statement

My work sits squarely between the mainstream landscape tradition and English impressionism.

As an artist, my senses are stirred by what unfolds before me. Light and shade, glorious cloud formations, shimmering sunshine on the surface of water and bustling crowds silhouetted against the light.

My intention is always to distill and interpret the array of emotions and senses and try to give them form in purely visual terms.

For me, painting is not merely a mechanical activity, it is a creative process involving emotions, insight and the fine tuning of ones aesthetic senses.