Julia Hulme

Julia studied and gained a degree from Exeter College of Art and Design in 1998 specialising in printmaking and ceramics.

 After graduating she started producing artwork for greetings cards, prints, textiles and house wares.

 During this time she continued to make ceramic sculptures and now has an established business with Julia’s work being exhibited at galleries throughout the UK, including Scotland and Ireland.

 Julia’s most recent works have all been inspired by her surroundings and she enjoys sculpting the familiar forms of animals both from her own menagerie and surrounding countryside.  She likes to emphasise their character, humour and individuality.

 Julia has always loved to draw and still includes this as part of the process adding texture and colour to her work with diverse materials such as hessian, string amt mats to leave an impression in the base material.

 Cold Cast Bronze and Pewter

Each casting is made from an original sculpture made with clay or wax.  The moulds are then formed using a high quality rubber.  Julia casts and hand finishes each piece with her signature, date and edition numbers.

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 Hand Built Ceramics

Each creature is hand built from stoneware clay and fired to a very high temperature making these sculptures frost proof and suitable for the garden for the garden.  Using oxides and slip, this provides each piece with a unique finish.

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