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Fagins Folly | Theo Harris | Book 2

Fagins Folly | Theo Harris | Book 2

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The Summary Justice Series by Theo Harris

At Red Lobster we like to support artists and creative people from all genres. We are promoting Theo Harris, local author of the 'Summary Justice' series with DC Kendra March. 

Book 2Fagin’s Folly

Who is bankrolling a spate of vicious knifepoint robberies in East London – and why?
A series of violent robberies where the victims are left scarred for life.
A gang that wants the world to know who they are.
A police service that are baffled, with no clues as to the identities of the perpetrators.
DC Kendra March decides to investigate further — in her own unique way, alongside her criminally connected father and skilled ex-police partner. Together they must discover the identities of the gang and stop them before they kill.
They soon discover that this gang is not your typical inner-city gang, there is something much more sinister afoot and only Kendra and her team can put things right — before London, and the rest of the country, burns.

The ‘Summary Justice’ series is ideal for fans of Lee Child, J.D Kirk, Jack Gatland, M.G Cole, J.M Dalgleish, and L.J Ross among others.

Book 1 | An Eye For An Eye
Book 2 | Fagin's Folly
Book 3 | Road Trip
Book 4 | London's Burning
Book 5 | Nothing To Lose (To be released August 2023)
Book 6 | Retribution (To be released December 2023)

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