Collection: Theo Harris | Author of the Summary Justice Series

At Red Lobster we like to support artists and creative people from all genres. We are promoting Theo Harris, local author of the 'Summary Justice' series.

Book 1 | An Eye for an Eye

Kendra March and her partner are given the unenviable task of bringing down the untouchable Qupi gang, who rule the East End of London with an iron fist. A lapse in judgement, however, leads to a catastrophic turn of events, changing their lives forever.

The debut book of a new procedural crime thriller with a twist, the ‘Summary Justice’ series, featuring DC Kendra March.

Book 2 | Fagin’s Folly
A series of violent robberies where the victims are left scarred for life.
A gang that wants the world to know who they are.
A police service that are baffled, with no clues as to the identities of the perpetrators.
DC Kendra March decides to investigate further — in her own unique way, alongside her criminally connected father and skilled ex-police partner. Together they must discover the identities of the gang and stop them before they kill.

Book 3 | Road Trip — set in and around Sheringham, North Norfolk

Trevor receives word that his old friend and mentor had been found dead at the bottom of a cliff, suspiciously described as ‘suicide’ in a police report.

The team investigate in their own inimitable way and uncover a disturbing secret that could potentially destroy a town and its friendly population.

Book 4 | London’s Burning

When a distinctive and valuable jewel-encrusted eye patch appears in a Christie’s auction in London, it isn’t long before the original owner’s family is made aware.

The auction starts a chain of events that lead to the reappearance of the dreaded Qupi gang, only this time led by the matriarch. She wants her husband back, but she wants her empire back even more and will do anything to regain it.

Kendra, Trevor and Andy stand in her way as they try and prevent a bloodbath in the streets of London.

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