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London's Burning | Theo Harris | Book 4

London's Burning | Theo Harris | Book 4

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Book 4 London’s Burning

They thought they’d seen the back of the vicious gang. They were wrong.

When a distinctive and valuable jewel-encrusted eye patch appears in a Christie’s auction in London, it isn’t long before the original owner’s family is made aware.

The auction starts a chain of events that lead to the reappearance of the dreaded Qupi gang, only this time led by the matriarch.

She wastes no time in arriving in the East London, causing mayhem as she leaves no stone unturned in the search for her missing husband.

She wants her husband back, but she wants her empire back even more and will do anything to regain it.

Kendra, Trevor and Andy stand in her way as they try and prevent a bloodbath in the streets of London.

 ‘London’s Burning’ Book 4 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series with DC Kendra March.

The ‘Summary Justice’ series is ideal for fans of Lee Child, J.D Kirk, Jack Gatland, M.G Cole, J.M Dalgleish, and L.J Ross among others.

Book 1 | An Eye For An Eye
Book 2 | Fagin's Folly
Book 3 | Road Trip
Book 4 | London's Burning
Book 5 | Nothing To Lose (To be released August 2023)
Book 6 | Retribution (To be released December 2023)

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