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Road Trip by Theo Harris | Book 3

Road Trip by Theo Harris | Book 3

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The Summary Justice Series by Theo Harris

At Red Lobster we like to support artists and creative people from all genres (and this book is set in North Norfolk). We are promoting Theo Harris, local author of the 'Summary Justice' series with DC Kendra March. 

Book 3Road Trip

When an old friend is killed – it’s time to take the fight to the murderers!

Trevor receives word that his old friend and mentor had been found dead at the bottom of a cliff, suspiciously described as ‘suicide’ in a police report.

 He knows instinctively that something is not right.

 Along with daughter DC Kendra March and her ex-police partner Andy Pike, Trevor sets off for the east coast of England, to a small town known for its friendly population and their welcoming hospitality.

What they find when they arrive is not so welcoming. A town in the grip of fear from unrelenting violence.

The team investigate in their own inimitable way and uncover a disturbing secret that could potentially destroy the town and its friendly population.

They must act fast to confront the vicious murderers before the town is swallowed up and becomes just a distant memory.

‘Road Trip’ Book 3 of the ‘Summary Justice’ series with DC Kendra March.

The ‘Summary Justice’ series is ideal for fans of Lee Child, J.D Kirk, Jack Gatland, M.G Cole, J.M Dalgleish, and L.J Ross among others.

Book 1 | An Eye For An Eye
Book 2 | Fagin's Folly
Book 3 | Road Trip
Book 4 | London's Burning
Book 5 | Nothing To Lose
Book 6 | Justice

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